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Lucien Welsh is a Canadian blogger, photographer, and author. He loves everything to do with books from reading them to writing them to buying way too many of them. Lucien is active on several social media platforms ranting about anime, books, and his frustrations with his language studies.

At 27-years-old, Lucien has had several short stories published under a previous pseudonym but is hoping to share more of his original work under his chosen name. For the time being his webnovels can be found on but he is also working on a middle-grade fantasy project (alongside his illustrator friend) he hopes to query in the traditional publishing market.

In the past, Lucien has written under a few different pseudonyms but is focusing on current projects under his true name. As of right now you can find his current projects for free on, a site that hosts original webnovels and manga. You can also find his short stories, exclusive novellas, and early access to webnovel updates can be found on his Patreon

My Delivery Boy is a shape-shifting fox god

A slice-of-life fantasy romance between Naoki, a garden shop owner, and the runaway kitsune he discovers hiding in his greenhouse.
[ Featuring cover art by Sera Exefia ]

But I'm Not Just an npc!!

A VRMMORPG isekai set in outer space where the game pits players against in each other and the NPCs are actual people rather than AI.
[ Featuring artwork by Machi Koshi ]

Girl Fight

After getting expelled from school, Niwa Jitsuko's parents are at their wits end and decide to send their troubled daughter to an isolated, all-girls boarding school in hopes of teaching her to behave. But the school is very far from what it seems...
[ temporary cover art designed in Canva ]

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