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Lucien Welsh is a Canadian webnovel author and bookstagrammer. He loves everything to do with books from reading them to writing them to buying way too many of them. Lucien is active on several social media platforms ranting about anime, books, and his frustrations with his language studies.At 28-years-old, Lucien has had several short stories published under a previous pseudonym but is hoping to share more of his original work under his chosen name. For the time being his webnovels can be found on but he is also working on a middle-grade fantasy project (alongside his illustrator friend) he hopes to query in the traditional publishing market.

With the amount of projects that Lucien has written, see below for a link to the full list of work. Webnovels can be read for free on Voyce Me where as other projects may be read by joining his Patreon.

A list of webnovels written by Lucien that are available to read for free on Voyce Me with deluxe editions including bonus content available for purchase.

My Delivery Boy is a shape-shifting fox god

A slice-of-life fantasy romance between Naoki, a garden shop owner, and the runaway kitsune he discovers hiding in his greenhouse.
[ Featuring cover art by Sera Exefia ]
status :: complete

But I'm Not Just an npc!!

A VRMMORPG isekai set in outer space where the game pits players against in each other and the NPCs are actual people rather than AI.
[ Featuring artwork by Machi Koshi ]
status :: on-going
[ note that the free version is a rougher draft and the paid edition contains new and bonus material not available elsewhere ]

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The deluxe edition of BUT I'M NOT JUST AN NPC!! is now available for purchase!!

While the published version has been formally edited and updated in parts, the webnovel version is still available and free to read.

note that only the paperback edition will feature the bonus artwork

OOPS!! Due to an issue on Amazon, paperbacks are temporarily delayed.

I have two wishlists, one for books and one of misc things like movies/clothing/apartment things.

Although as an online writer, tips via Ko-Fi are also always appreciated